Meet the Team

Bob Neill

Chairman and Co-Founder

As Chairman and Co-Founder of CRN Bob continues to play a significant role in the ongoing growth and development of the company bringing many years of experience. As past national president of the Life Insurance Association Bob's contacts and reputation across the UK continue to benefit the entire CRN Team.

Carole Neill:

Financial Director and Co-Founder

As Financial Director Carole, after a previous career in banking, co-founded CRN and to this day continues to work with Alyson Harris on all aspects of accounts to final audit.

Graeme Neill

Managing Director

Graeme joined CRN in 1989 after gaining experience with Equity & Law in England and Northern Ireland. Today in his role as Managing Director Graeme continues to focus on new business acquisition and ongoing client relationships while working with the existing senior team of Independent Advisers in providing a service second to none.

Alyson Harris

Administration Director

Alyson joined CRN in 1979 and as Administration Director ensures the smooth running of all aspects of the business together with the administration team. Alyson has implemented new technology in order to ensure that as a company we continue to provide an unparalleled service to our client and CRN team.

John Harris

Compliance Director

John joined CRN in 1992 after many years as company accountant for Plumrose foods. Johns main focus is as a Senior Independent Financial Adviser looking after corporate and individual clients in all areas. In addition as Compliance Director John ensures that as a company we are entirely compliant at all times.

Alistair Beattie

Pensions Director

Alistair joined CRN in 1997 after 3 years with Prudential Assurance. Since joining CRN Alistair has developed into a Senior Independent Financial Adviser handling the requirements of companies, their employees and individuals specialising in corporate pensions including auto enrolment.

Jim Devlin

Senior Independent Financial Adviser

Jim joined CRN IN 2005. Having started in financial services in 1974 Jim spent 31 years gaining a broad experience working with brokers, insurance companies and banks primarily either in a senior advisory or sales management role before taking the position within CRN as a Senior Independent Financial Adviser looking after the requirements of professional connections and individuals alike across all areas.

Michael Lightbody

Development Director

Michael joined CRN IN 2013. Following 19 years in banking with senior management and financial advisory roles Michael joined the team at CRN as a Senior Independent Financial Adviser with responsibility for supporting professional introducer requirements, existing clients and new client development.

Ian Proctor

Senior Independent Financial Adviser

Ian joined CRN IN 2014. Having started in financial services in 1999 Ian brings 15 years of experience to his role as a Senior Independent Financial Adviser with responsibility for supporting professional introducer requirements and new client development.

Peter Gallagher

Estate Planning Director

Peter has been an independent Financial Adviser since May 1995, joining CRN in 2016 as a senior adviser. He has experience in bespoke investments, notably within the local Credit Union sector. Peter has a background in Wills and Trusts using this knowledge to complement his advice on all areas of financial affairs, both personal and corporate.

Tom Andrews

Private Medical Business Development Consultant

Tom joined CRN in 2016 after many years as a senior banker and brings experience in managing senior client relationships together with Retail Banking, SME Banking, and Business Development experience. Tom has built a network of professional relationships over the years and will continue to develop these under the CRN umbrella.

Trevor Todd

Senior Private Medical Adviser

Trevor joined CRN in 2009. Trevor looks after the private medical insurance requirements of private individual and corporate clients.

Senior Administration Team:

Muriel Magowan

Senior Administration Team Member

Muriel joined CRN in 1998 bringing a wealth of experience from many years working as a senior administrator with one of the UK's largest insurance and investment companies AXA.

Sue McGivern

Senior Administration Team Member

Sue joined CRN in 2010. As a senior administrator, she provides support to all CRN advisers and clients ensuring that all aspects are covered with the maximum efficiency.

Wendy Nesbitt

Senior Administration Team Member

Wendy has recently joined the CRN Administration team having been 32 years with Bank Of Ireland Financial Services. Wendy brings a great amount of experience to the team.

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